Orgone Pyramid – Orgonite Pyramid for emf Protection, Anti-Stress – Healing Crystal Gemstone Pyramid – Orgone Pyramid Crystal – Healing Stones

Colour 7 Color
Material Orgone Chakra Stone Copper Coil


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  • ✔Our Energy generator Orgonaite is made on the same technology as Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator.
  • ✔The powerful healing effects of the crystals are magnified in our Orgone Pyramid. When you add crystals & semi-precious gemstones to the mix, they are electrically charged by the resin, Absorb the vital energy, organic energy, while the non-organic components disperse it back in all directions. Orgone pyramids are made of a mix of organic & non-organic materials that have the property of moving the orgone energy back and forth and act as a cleansing of the stagnant, negative energies.
  • ✔Benefits of Using Orgon Pyramid: Orgone Pyramid have the ability to clean the energies in the room & protect the individuals from the EMF radiation. When placed in work, living or sleeping spaces. Laboratory researches that when exposed to this resonance, living body cells strengthen up their immunity and reach optimal physical and psychological health, they have shown to have health benefits as well. By simply holding or being near these devices you will feel large amounts of positive energy.
  • ✔People have reported orgone pyramids have helped their overall lives, spiritually & mentally. Heal the environments that need thorough, energetic cleansing. Improve immunity and resistance to illnesses as well as enhanced energy levels and feeling better overall, Remove the stressors that affect us on unconscious levels by projecting high vibrational energies. Access deeper meditative states, strengthen intentions and visualizations, Fight insomnia and improve sleep, vivid and pleasant dreams.
  • ✔Healing Chakra condensed metal matrix that include a combination of quartz crystal and other energy clearing crystals and stones that absorb negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself.

NYAIRA Proudly Present Healing crystal pyramid, holding this pyramid is creating a vortex of energy in your hand, which spreads down your physical body and around your aura. Basically, it funnels down the wisdom and healing of the universe right into the tips of your fingers. *USE & BENEFITS* * Reduce negative energy * Create peaceful environment * Crystal pyramid energy healing for the aura and 7 chakras * Crystal pyramid meditations for clairvoyance and high spiritual vibration * Program crystal pyramids with reiki intentions for love, healing, money etc. * Focus upon a crystal pyramid while you do yoga * Place the crystal pyramid in your bedroom to preserve youth and beauty * Make pyramid elixirs to drink for good health and physical preservation * Place the pyramid in your fridge to energize and preserve food * Meditation * Peaceful sleep * Stress reliever * Atmosphere purifier * Improve self-confidence * Peaceful behavior It is best in home decor and also who loves crystals as crystal decor.


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